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Cosmetic Dentistry

We appreciate the difference a brand new smile can make.

Whether you know exactly how you’d like to improve your teeth, or are completely confused about where to start, make the first step today by booking a consultation. If you are unhappy with your missing, crooked, overcrowded or discoloured teeth, we can help to smarten up your smile.

During an initial consultation, we discuss exactly what you want to achieve and then advise you honestly and openly on the best course of action. At Cavendish Dental we are proud to provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dental treatments, all carried out to the same exacting standards you might expect from top city practices. Our staff have undertaken extensive training in a variety of treatment areas to ensure we can provide you with only the best and most effective cosmetic dentistry.

No matter how complex or complicated you think your situation may be, we’ve no doubt seen it all before! As a practice we have a special interest in smile makeovers, and love to see a patient leave us with a restored and fully functional set of teeth. A smile makeover really can make a significant difference, not just to the way you feel about yourself but to your life in general. Not only will your confidence levels soar but the health of your mouth will improve too. Many patients also notice a change in the look of their overall facial features as volume is restored to the cheeks and lips.

How can my teeth be improved?

Today, the continual advances in cosmetic dentistry allow us to improve the look of your teeth in a myriad of ways.

Tooth whitening can help restore shine and whiteness to the teeth in as little as an hour, while porcelain or composite veneers can cover unsightly teeth. For those in need of tooth restoration we can tailor make crowns, bridges and dentures which will give a beautifully natural look.

For anyone with one or more missing teeth, our dental implants offer a secure and very strong replacement that can last a lifetime.

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