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Fixed Braces

The traditional choice

Fixed braces continue to be one of the most commonly used type of brace, thanks to their ability to move a large number of teeth precisely and effectively, allowing significant changes. They are highly versatile and can be used for the treatment of mild to more complex issues including twisted teeth, rotations, gaps and misalignments.

With a fixed brace system, the brackets are individually attached to the surface of your teeth with a dental adhesive. A special wire is then inserted through each of these brackets to link them together and the wires are held in place with very small elastic bands.

The brackets will stay in place until your teeth have been repositioned and the treatment time will vary according to the individual, but it normally takes 2-3 years. During this time, it is important that you attend regular appointments to ensure your treatment progresses correctly and is completed on time. At your regular tightening appointments, the special ‘memory’ wire is bent and shaped as necessary. Over the following weeks it slowly returns to its original size and shape – pulling each tooth as it goes.

While traditional fixed braces normally comprise metal brackets and wires, it is now possible for our private patients to have their braces made from more subtle clear or tooth coloured materials. If you do opt for metal braces, they can be customised with coloured elastics for a unique look.

Before your brace fitting

Before your braces are fitted we will thoroughly check your teeth and gums. This may involve the use of x-rays, scans, impressions and photographs as it’s important to ensure that your mouth is free from decay and gum problems before we start.

Overcrowding of the teeth is common and if necessary one or more teeth may be extracted prior to the fitting of your brace. This usually takes place in the comfort of the practice under a local anaesthetic. Sometimes it is necessary for elastic ‘separators’ to be placed on the back teeth to help create space for the metal brackets.

Your fitting appointment

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in the use of fixed metal braces so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving expert care and attention.

A standard fitting appointment will take around 1 to 1 ½ hours. Before any brackets are attached we will clean and prepare your teeth. A strong dental adhesive will be used to attach the brackets to your teeth, then the wires will be inserted and held in place with the elastic bands.

Check-ups and adjustments will be required around every 4-8 weeks. During these appointments we may change the wires and add or change springs, elastics or other items.

Occasionally, additional accessories such as face masks, headgear and biteplates may be required to help enhance your treatment. We ask that you use these products as instructed, to help your treatment progress as it should.

Removal of your fixed brace

When your treatment is complete you will be invited along to a de-banding appointment when your brace will be removed. The process will take between 30 – 60 minutes. Following removal of all the brackets and wires, your teeth will be cleaned and polished so you can show off your beautiful new smile as soon as you leave the practice.

Keeping your new smile looking great

In order to maintain your new smile, it is highly recommended that you wear a retainer. A retainer should always be worn following any type of orthodontic treatment to help ensure that teeth stay in their new position. We can provide a removable retainer for use at night or fit a permanent lingual brace which will sit discreetly on the inside surface of your teeth.

Keeping your teeth and fixed braces in top condition

When you have fixed braces it’s very important to pay extra attention to your teeth and to take the time to clean them well so they stay healthy. The potential for tooth decay and gum disease is greatly increased as food can easily get trapped in the wires and brackets, so it’s a good idea to follow these tips:

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