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Hygienist Services

At Cavendish Dental, our experienced dental hygiene therapist, Kate Atkinson, and our hygienist, Karen Hawley, are on hand to provide a range of hygiene services for our patients.

While it is recommended that you visit the hygienist around twice a year in between dental check-ups, it is possible for you to book an appointment at any time so you can benefit from a scale and polish whenever you like.

One of their main jobs is to professionally clean your teeth, ensuring that your mouth is fresh, healthy and free from tartar. Unfortunately, no matter how well you brush your teeth at home, it is impossible to stop the gradual build-up of plaque on your teeth. Over time, plaque starts to harden and turns into tartar. If this hard tartar layer is not removed regularly your chances of developing gum disease are significantly increased.

At your regular hygiene appointments, the health of your gums will be checked and any problem areas identified, which may need a little extra attention at home. As well as a good oral hygiene routine, regular trips to the hygienist are the best way to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and strong between dental visits.

We offer the following services:

As a skilled dental hygienist therapist Kate is also able to undertake routine dental treatments on behalf of our dentists. These include oral assessments, fillings, x-rays and impressions. She can also apply fissure sealants and fluoride treatments to adult and milk teeth as required.

How to look after your teeth and gums between hygienist appointments

Watch your diet – be aware of the amount of sugar you are consuming. Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary snacks which will erode your tooth enamel over time.

Brush well – make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, every day. Karen can give you advice on interdental devices, floss, mouth wash and single tuft brushes to help you look after any high risk areas.

Be aware of any changes in your teeth and gums – check your own mouth regularly so you know what it looks like. Some changes can indicate oral cancers and should be looked at as soon as possible. If you have any concerns at all please make an appointment with the dentist or hygienist.

Hygiene care for children

If you have children, a hygienist appointment is a great opportunity for developing teeth to be fully checked and for young ones to learn all about oral health. It will also familiarise them with the dental surgery and help them to get to know our staff.

Taking your child to the dentist and hygienist from an early age will ensure they develop a positive perception of oral care to carry into adulthood.

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