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A beautifully straight smile thanks to virtually invisible treatment

Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic treatment that has successfully transformed the smiles of millions of people worldwide. Often referred to as ‘the invisible brace’, it has become especially popular with our teenage and adult patients who are looking to straighten their smile quickly, discreetly and comfortably.

Using exclusive and unique 3D technology, Invisalign® offers our patients highly predictable and precise results. As a result, treatment times are often greatly reduced, as is the cost.

A truly versatile treatment, Invisalign® can be used on a range of problems from mild to complex corrections such as overcrowding, rotations and gaps. They can also be placed on both the top and bottom teeth.

Why choose Invisalign®?

This truly innovative and exciting system really is the modern way to straighten your teeth, combining a number of great features:

Innovative 3D technology

Invisalign® uses unique 3D technology called Clincheck®. This advanced system allows us to plan your treatment in advance. Simply by taking impressions of your teeth, we can view the expected movement of your teeth on screen. We can show you how your teeth look before treatment, how they are expected to move and what they could look like when we are finished. It will even give us a good idea of how long the process may take.

Thanks to this cutting edge technology, Invisalign® can offer truly targeted results. This helps to dramatically reduce average treatment times and costs. While each patient is different, treatment is normally completed within 12-18 months. Some patients will wear their aligners for just a few months, while other more complex cases can take a year or more.

Simple, easy and planned in advance

Your full set of custom made aligners will be produced in advance. Each one expertly designed and manufactured to exert just the right amount of pressure – helping to move your teeth effectively, yet comfortably. They will be stored at the practice and you’ll simply need to collect each one in turn and wear it for a period of two weeks.

As every aligner is produced in advance there is no need for regular tightening appointments. As a result, your check-ups will be quick and hygienic. There is also no need for a lengthy fitting appointment.

A truly convenient way to straighten your teeth

Your aligners really will have little impact on your everyday life. You will be able to carry on as normal with no need to broadcast the fact that you are having your teeth straightened.

To ensure best results it’s recommended that you wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. They can be removed for eating or cleaning, which means there is much less risk of tooth decay, and you can even take them out for special occasions if required.

If you are interested in finding out how you can discreetly achieve a brand new smile with Invisalign® book your consultation today (£45). We would love to help make your dream smile a reality.

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