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Nervous Patients

As many as one in four of us feel nervous before we attend a dental check-up but for some people this anxiety can develop into a phobia.

This can come on gradually, or appear quite suddenly as the result of a bad experience. It can result in a number of distressing symptoms including faintness, heart palpitations, shaking and sweating.

Many patients with an extreme fear of the dentist will avoid coming in unless they have absolutely no choice. This may result in severe problems that cause significant pain or an inability to eat normally. If you can, it’s really important to deal with your fear before it becomes too advanced. Don’t put up with pain because you’re scared and if you can bear to visit the dentist on a regular basis, just for quick check-ups once or twice a year, it’s much more likely you’ll avoid the need for more involved and scary treatment in the future.

At Cavendish Dental we have helped many patients to overcome their fears by taking the time to listen, fully explaining treatment and never rushing them if they need extra time to feel relaxed. We strive to ensure our appointments don’t overrun, so you aren’t left in the waiting room for long periods of time. If you do need further dental treatment this will be carefully planned to ensure it takes place in the fewest number of appointments possible. Double appointments can also be booked if necessary.

If you would like to discuss any past dental treatment, or ask questions about any aspect of your care please do so. We will always take the time to address your queries with courtesy and patience.

You might have your own ideas about how to make things more bearable – perhaps you are keen for extra breaks during treatment or you’d like to listen to music to help you relax. Just let us know how we can help.

Cavendish Dental Care – fear busting tips

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